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Debt overload can come about in many ways. It is not only the result of overspending but can be caused by circumstances beyond your control, such as a serious injury or illness that not only puts you out of work with a loss of income but adds often insurmountable medical debt to your life. It can come about due to a divorce, a job loss, or a reduced work week. In 2020, we all saw the devastating financial effects of COVID-19 that left many individuals with lost income and shuttered businesses. We all know that life can bring unpredicted events that can leave us struggling to stay above water financially.

At Alexander Hilton & Associates, we understand the difficulties you may be facing as a result of overwhelming debt. You are likely frustrated, worried, or have even become hopeless about the present and the future. Our firm is here to provide you with an exit from this struggle and the toll it likely has taken on your psyche, your physical health, and your relationships. We offer federal solutions that can eliminate your debt and restore you to a positive and productive future. With 30 years of experience guiding thousands of clients through debt relief, we believe you should turn to us for the help you need.

Want to know if bankruptcy is right for you? Call us at (405) 725-1441 for a free, initial consultation. Or contact a Shawnee bankruptcy attorney through our online request form.

Bankruptcy Legal Services

Our firm offers guidance for the following legal areas related to debt relief:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • How to cancel debt through a bankruptcy discharge
  • How to prevent and stop wage garnishment IMMEDIATELY
  • What the automatic stay does
  • Filing for bankruptcy

When you call or come to the law offices of Alexander Hilton & Associates, we can discuss the specifics of your situation, walk you through your bankruptcy options, and help you make an informed decision about what is best for you. Every individual has his or her own financial needs and goals. We take into consideration your unique circumstances and personal and legal objectives so that we help you decide what is appropriate for you.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a daunting proposition. However, with proper legal counsel, you can start over and rebuild your financial life. We encourage you to let us help you get there. 

Debt problems in or around Shawnee? Call us at (405) 725-1441 to discuss your financial relief today.

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