Repairing Your Credit

Repairing Your Credit After Filing

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If you have recently filed for bankruptcy or are wondering what to expect if you proceed with filing, your credit score is likely at the forefront of your mind. Will it hit rock bottom? Will you ever be able to restore it? Should you just give up on having a good credit score? While it can be challenging to look beyond the initial hit a credit score will take, bankruptcy is not designed to permanently ruin your credit. There are many steps you can take to repair your credit and restore the trust you once earned from creditors. However, there is no secret formula that will allow a filer to restore their credit in a day. It can be challenging, but patiently rebuilding your credit over time is the surest process.

As a bankruptcy lawyer serving all of Oklahoma, Attorney Hilton has walked countless consumers through the bankruptcy and credit repair process, continually ensuring they not only have a successful filing, but a successful future as well. Our firm can utilize our 28+ years of insight to help craft a credit repair plan that works for your financial situation. Rest assured knowing that when you come to us, we are here for you every step of the way.

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What Should You Do to Restore Your Credit?

After all the bankruptcy paperwork is said and done, you may still find yourself facing financial challenges. The steps you take following bankruptcy will impact your financial future for years to come, which is why it is important to ensure that you take the right ones. Your first priority should be rebuilding your credit and creating new financial habits.

How to repair and protect your credit:

  • Review your credit report for errors and fix them right away.
  • Stay on top of all remaining accounts.
  • Create a new, reasonable budget and be disciplined to stick to it.
  • Set up automatic payments so that you don’t forget or miss any.
  • Be wary of and avoid credit repair companies that claim to remove bankruptcy records.
  • Get a secured credit card when possible and always make timely payments.
  • Limit how much you use your credit card and keep your balances low.
  • Don’t get overzealous with applying for new credit and making big purchases.
  • Be patient with rebuilding credit and make sure you think through each step.

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Remember, you won’t be able to repair your credit overnight, so remain patient and faithful to following these financial tips. If you are concerned about how bankruptcy will affect your credit or would like to get more insight on restoration steps, Alexander Hilton & Associates is here to help. We are more than ready to answer your questions and provide experienced counsel.

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