• 15-Feb-2016

    How Can Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Help Me?

    What are the pros and cons to filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy ? Many people have reservations about going this route. They fear the impact it might have on their future and the opinions others might have about it. It is certainly not a topic meant ...
  • 4-Dec-2015

    Car Repossession & Bankruptcy

    Car repossession is a very serious matter. Not only do you lose your vehicle, but the damage to your credit report is also tremendous. When we purchase and finance a car, remember that the fine print allows the lender to repossess the vehicle due to ...
  • 27-Nov-2015

    Common Types of Bankruptcy Exemptions

    If you are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oklahoma, most debtors find that many of their properties are protected, and you will be able to keep them. If you are filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the exemptions can be used to lower the amount that ...
  • 30-Sep-2015

    How Can I Repair My Credit After Bankruptcy?

    Many people worry about the effect bankruptcy will have on their credit, but their credit is often already severely damaged by debt. If you have a high credit score, filing for bankruptcy can have a substantial impact on your credit. If you have a ...
  • 27-Aug-2015

    What Does "Bankruptcy Protection" Actually Mean?

    Bankruptcy law is Federal Law. Bankruptcy Cases are administered in Federal Courts. The Bankruptcy Code is found in Title 11 of the United States Code. The United States Department of Justice administers all Bankruptcy cases. State courts are subject ...
  • 11-Aug-2015

    Will I Lose My Home if I File for Bankruptcy?

    Filing for bankruptcy in Oklahoma is an effective way to start fresh by eliminating much of your debt. However, many people seeking debt relief often worry that bankruptcy may cost them their home. In Oklahoma, you will not lose your home in Chapter ...
  • 16-Apr-2015

    Important Bankruptcy Dos & Don'ts

    When bankruptcy is on the table, it is important to understand the big picture. Staying educated on how bankruptcy can affect your finances and family in the present and the future can be extremely helpful. You should also be aware that your actions ...

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