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Although it is not easy, choosing to file for bankruptcy affords one more than just the chance to start over financially. In many ways, filing for bankruptcy enables personal growth. Once your debts have been cleared, you have the opportunity to change your spending habits and overhaul your financial goals. We at Alexander Hilton & Associates wish to help our clients avoid having to file for bankruptcy more than once. Although your bankruptcy will appear on your credit score, you can rebuild it.

Some tips for individuals interested in rebuilding their credit score and avoiding bankruptcy include:

  • Create a budget and make yourself stick to it!
  • Try to spend cash only and avoid overspending.
  • Pay your bills on time by setting up automatic payments.
  • Open a savings account and make monthly deposits.

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With more than 20 years of experience and hundreds of bankruptcy cases handled, we have the knowledge and insight you need on your side as you begin a new chapter in your life. Always compassionate and professional, our client-focused services have earned us the respect and admiration of our peers and clients. Read the glowing testimonials of some of our previous clients to learn more about the high level of dedication demonstrated by our firm.

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Once we guide you successfully through the bankruptcy process, our role doesn't necessarily end there. We would be happy to counsel you and provide you with additional tips so you can make better financial decisions in the future. With our OKC bankruptcy firm's help, you can remain debt free after filing, building strong financial habits along the way.

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